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Welcome to Bamboozle Cafe

The aroma of fresh herbs and spices entice you to venture further into the Café where the aromatic scents of hearty and warm Pho Boats and many great Bamboozle dishes awaits to satisfy your appetite.

Freshly grilled and seasoned meats perfectly paired with an array of fresh herbs and vegetables will satiate your desire for taste and health. This is Innovation at its best.

With layers of selective fresh herbs and spices we create delicate flavors in all our traditional Vietnamese dishes. Our dedication to using vibrant and fresh ingredients makes us a gem found only in the heart of Downtown Tampa.

From our Bamboozle Rolls, Pho Boat and our delectable, yet healthy dinners, we have something for everyone. We are passionate about providing you with a fresh, healthy and flavor-filled meal every time you visit.


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Bamboozle Fitclub-Under Construction!